Friday, November 24, 2006

I love Mondays

What a glorious day! Number 26 has just screached to a halt at the bus stop behind the Heiner center at Whatcom Community College. I sling my side-saddle pack over my shoulder, stand up warily and wave a cheery "Have a lovely day," to the driver. In a moment my shoes have touched pavement and I am on my way. There is nothing better than a Monday. I have just come from my tutor's warm kitchen where I spent the morning as usual studying wonderfully dreadful pre-calculous in the comfortable familiarity of her presence.

Now I march forth, back straight, head up into the next item on my schedule. Today I meet Sarah from ceramics class at 12:15 for coffee, sharing, and prayer under the stairs in Kulshan (our science center). Sarah is a lovely girl, full of passion for Christ, for life, and for service. After purchasing our drinks from the Dockside Cafe in the Student Center, we trudge off to our spot under the stairs and spend the better part of a half hour simply enjoying each other and God. Soon 1:00 is upon us and Sarah departs to her classes as I am joined by other dear friends.

Monday afternoon is the time for Christian girls from all over campus to convene in the very same spot, our spot under the stairs. Their for another half-hour, we share and pray before it is necessary for us to scamper off to classes. Mandy and I were the two that came up with the idea, and Mandy it was that provided the amount of attendees who faithfully arrive at 1:00. Our group currently is comprised of eight to ten girls most of which are new to Whatcom. Only three of us are returning students from last year. Our beliefs range wide in the spectrum of Christian churches, and yet we gather for the single object of encouragment, fellowship and dialogue with our Lord and Savior. In the face of the pagan world in which we have been called to study, nothing could be more wonderful than to rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep--just as we have been commanded. That little, dusty corner under the stairs acts as the hearth for the gospel to go forth in a very special way at Whatcom Community College. God has blessed us.

And now you know why I love Mondays.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Abolish sibling superiority!

I hereby declare my dedication to the cause of the little people--namely younger siblings in general. I pledge to champion their rights, intelligence, and equality. Older siblings must recognise the plight of we underlings, and seek to bring us up--up to the dignity of responsibility. The Association for the Advancment of Younger People (AAYP) seeks to gain acknowledgment from elders of their human-hood and desires to impress upon them the truth that younger does not mean stupider. Give us respect, give us nurture and we will indeed cease to annoy, frustrate or defy you. We will instead become valuable friends and loving companions.

Yours for freedom and for fellowship,

Rebekah Reimers