Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Into the wilderness

Into the wilderness far
Farther than ever before I
Will go to the wilderness
And there I may find a valley deep
And narrow where sand stretches far
Farther than ever before I
Will kneel to the rocks and gather stone I
Will gather stone to throw
To bash in the head of my dragon my
Idol I will throw stone after stone and
They will fly as our screams fly reverberating
Sharp and crushing screams till it falls, dead,

Down I will hold its shiny head and mourn my
Loss, my idol’s death, its destruction and
Think how its life had been glorious and
Proud and so beautiful I
Will remember plans made in silent houses I
Will remember long mornings of sun and
Pleasure that ran through my bones when
My idol breathed hot on my heart just so I
Will weep for it a little then no more because
My idol is dead and already I can
Feel its nothingness filling my chest with eyes
That stare and that can never be

Then in the stillness a voice will speak
With words that can fill the eyes in my
Chest with knowledge that barely understands, with
Wisdom that can hardly comprehend it
Will say words of comfort that echo down into chasm
Walls to where I stand, surprised.
“Trust. Trust me,” it will say in tones as
Deep as Earl Grey and tingling as a
Lover's soft touch on the waist of his wife.
And I will trust.