Saturday, April 21, 2007

English 121 (fiction and poetry writing)

Waiting for Kenton
(Who was born on July 14, 2006)

Bright. Too bright. But the light stayed stubborn.
I wiped sweat again.
Hot. Too hot. But the kids played on, unaffected.
Somewhere in a neighboring town
A mother was probably pushing, breathing, calling for ice.
I couldn't see the blue of the sky
Just yellow. Too yellow.
I wiped sweat again.
Time was creeping, air stagnant
The kids ran and jumped,
Their hair drenched.
Red-painted metal mondey bars,
Not a swing to be found.
Who forgot to build swings?
The sun was bearing down
I wondered if the mother was too.
Oh child, stop, rest, think!
Your face is the color of tomatoes:
Red. Too red. But you run anyway.
You must.
The baby must cry.
The baby must live.
So you run anyway.