Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New York Chronicle: Issue I

The dust has begun to settle and we are all beginning to recuperate from the past week of unpacking. Ben and Sarah moved into their new house on Thursday (incidently the day we got here), and it took us a few days of hard work and mayhem to get settled in, get the kitchen in functioning order, etc. etc. It is quiet now--I am writing this from Ben's office. He is gone for the day, otherwise I probably wouldn't have a chance. Haha--actually, he quite generously offered to let me come up and blog for a while.

It is balmy weather here, and if I was brave enough to open the window shades up here at the top floor, the sun would be bursting in upon me with irresistably dazzling rays. When Mom goes home next week I will move into the spare room on this same floor and will leave my shades open constantly! Splendid. For now I am inhabiting the basement with her. This house really is shockingly roomy I must say. There is a full basement with a kitchen and bathroom, an upstairs with two rooms, two bedrooms on the main level, and a decently-sized kitchen and living room.

Life for the most times is tranquil, and very interesting. Andrew is a darling child, and has the biggest appetite in the history of the world! He took a few steps yesterday--I felt so privilaged to be able to witness such a momentous event. He didn't think it was so very wonderful--he was only interested in getting from Mama's arms across the floor and latching onto the pretzel in Daddy's hand. Anything for food. Katie is a little slip of a girl with a silliest laugh this side of Pitsburgh. I am afraid she relishes the title and calling of "big sister". It can be very amusing at times. "No Adew! Adew, No! NO ADEW!" Bath-time is another adventure which perhaps I should chronicle in some future issue.

On our third day here I had quite an extraordinary experience. I walked into Ace Hardware, only to be met by what looked like a miniature doberman pinscher. Jenna, maybe you could help me out here? It was the size of a Chiwawa (sp?), and seemed to enjoy jumping up as far as its little paws could reach on any given victom. Just two more steps into the store saw me face-to-face with the biggest dog I have ever seen in my life. I tell you truly--it was massive. Gigantic. And black all over. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't much worried--it was a New Foundland. Very gentle, and at this particular moment--very lazy. The whole picture just struck me as odd. And histerical.

Until next time~

Friday, June 10, 2005


Dearly beloved~

I would be much obliged if you, my dear friends would drop me a note on my email to inform me of your home addresses. It would be extreemly helpful. I'm making an effort to keep contact--and I would dearly love to send you all lovely little post-cards as well! Please see my profile if my email address is needed.

Yours truly,
~darling little me

P.S. You can disregard the "darling" if you want.
P.P.S. For that matter you might consider disregarding the "little" as well.
P.P.P.S. On no account must you disregard the "~".

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Stress, laughter, anticipation, tears, gladness...and everything in between.

I have seven days--no, less than that (today is almost over). As the time grows nearer, I am growing more sad, glad, apprehensive, and...oh it is so hard to articulate a woman's emotions! And that is another frustration.

I am just realizing how many people I have built my life upon and around. And how many people I have so intricately woven into my heart who must be missed this summer. Oh yes, it is only a summer. But what a summer it is to be! I will officially graduate when I return in the Fall, and then comes adulthood (my eighteenth birthday) and responsibility. Where has Beka, that little girl run off to? Will she ever return? Can she ever? This is such a turbulent and unpredictable time. Will I be happy? Will I be strong enough to face my dreaded nemesis, "real life" without flinching? Most of all, will I serve my Master faithfully, and persevere.

Many of you have been so kind as to wish me well, and bestow on me such tokens of faithful friendship, now in this short time before my departure. You all are so precious to me. I, who call myself a writer, can scarce find appropriate words to express it. What a grand send-off you wonderful people are giving me--full of warmth and love and good wishes.

I am flying into the unknown. Although I have visited New York before this and loved it, people are what make a place worth seeing. Yes, I will be with my dear sister and brother, and their sweet babies, but other than they, my whole world will be new. Unexplored. Unfamiliar. You must pardon me, I am feeling just a trifle sentimental at present. But you must promise me one small thing:

Don't forget me amid you summer delights or trials, inrigues or drudgeries. Remember that I haven't moved to Mars, I'm still sufficiently accesible here in the capitol of the world. And if you happen to think of me sometimes, present me to God in your hearts.

That was more than one little thing, but I am sure that after you have thought it over and pondered it you will find it within your hearts to forgive me. And now--if any of you would enjoy hearing from me other than on this blog while I am away, I would very much appreciate it if you would give me your home addresses, and I promise to drop postcards, letters, notes, whatever I have time for at any particular time. Some of you no doubt have already bestowed such information upon me in the past, but please do so again so I may be sure of having it all written in my little book. Email would be the most convenient of the modes of communication--if you would be so kind?

Note: See my updated profile if my email address is needed.