Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ushering in another October

october falling

when October falls like
orange and yellow from gutter
traps then, then hearts are
full and much possessed by
the water-log of wet from
the sky and from pumpkin spice
lattes and Shakespeare by

who taught your heart to love
October falling when April
has flown with geese
away, south and left, after
summer’s glow has faded, a
wetter, warmer way behind
at your own hearth and

where will it go, this feeling
when October is finished falling
and lies dead on the cold
streets? Will the heart find new
charms of lattes and light and
will the ways of the world
change for the sake of small girls
in love?


Kryptech said...

Nicely written.

Some people think that the season of autumn ("autumn" does sound so much better than "fall", though I did like your "October falls" phrase) is a depressing season, what with the weather cooling and plants dying. While it isn't my favourite season it does evoke interesting feelings - it seems the most whimsical to me (suddenly my mind has the picture of Rivendell during autumn). I think my favourite part of autumn isn't lattes or crispy leaves of vivid tint or even pumpkins. To me the sky is most beautiful in autumn. Nothing quite compares to dark, brooding sky overshadowing a golden field of grain, inexplicably lit by sunbeams poking between the grim clouds.

hopeful said...

I am tagging you. Come to my blog (The Hope Chest) to find out more.