Saturday, July 09, 2005

New York Chronicle: Issue II

Date: July 4, 2005
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Upstate NY

Directly in front of me stands a barn--this towering structure is painted brick red, and planted round about its base, are coral-colored Day Lilys. A sweeping panarama is to my back, the amber glow of the crops, and nestled in between hills and valleys and clumps of trees, are farmhouses dating back to the turn of the last century. There is always the inevitable big red barn.

I am sitting at a picnic table, set in this very spot to sanction our own private al fresco supper. I am among friends. I am lingering over a savory meal (props to Mrs. M.). At this moment I believe that I couldn't be more glad, more content. A gallon jar is resting on the ground adjacent to our table. Perspiration is dripping down its smooth sides. It contains oh-so-glorious ice water. Earlier today I took Katie with me to the side of the barn where the tall circular silo stands erect. Together we poked our heads inside its cool, dark interior and sang up into its dome. Sang a song to our creator.

"Let all things now living a song of thanksgiving to God the creator triumphantly raise. Who fashioned and made us, protected and staid us, who guides us and leads to the end of our days."

Katie loves music. She also loves to sing. She may be heard projecting her babyish voice loud and clear during the hymns in church. It is simply enchanting. Her favorite song (incidently the only one she knows), is "All People That On Earth Do Dwell". It is number one in the red Trinity Hymnal, and is sung to the tune of the doxology. And she really sings it. She knows the tune, but doesn't quite get the words out yet.

But back to the al fresco dinner. In due course our idyllic meal came to an end, and, together we set about clearing, cleaning, and carrying everything back to the house. And as the day was coming to its restful close, so also was our brief sojourn in this beautiful place. And as I lingered to feast my eyes for the last time, the sun in all its glory, was making its final descent into the horizon. As it sunk low, I was dazzled by the hugh eminating from its core. Pink. Hot, golden pink gazed back at me for long moments, and then it was gone.

That is a taste of the beauty to behold in this state, and that was our celebration of Independance Day. Perhaps New York in some way represents the whole of this country, I cannot presume to say. But I believe that our celebration was more beautiful and more joyous than most. We were free and happy in the heart of the country. True there was no big show, no fireworks, no fuss and botheration. And that suited me fine.

And now we are half-way through July, and I have much, much, more to say. Next week is the proposed time for our trip to The City (Manhattan). But I will save that for another time. For now, life is good, because God is good. And that is all anyone need know about anything.


Mom said...

Oh, Beka! That was/is just beautiful! What a faithful, wonderful Creator we have......and how GREAT to hear from you on the blog again!!
Love you, Mom

Crystal said...

Wonderful description of your afternoon. Having been to NY myself several times I could really put myself in the scene and was right there with you. Singing with Katie sounded wonderful and I it made me smile to hear about her loving music at such a tender age.
So great to hear from you and I look forward to your next update.
Love and hugs.

Andrea said...

Hey Beka,

Nice to hear from you again. Iam busy with planning and working. We are still working on the tee-shirts but I think we are near completion. Hope to hear from you soon. Don't have to much fun.;)


Gloria said...

Yay!! You have not forgotton us. Your description was beautiful, enchanting, wonderful, there is not enough words in the english language to describe it. It was wonderful hearing from you again. Tina says Hi.

Kat said...

Oh, that's beautiful, Beks. You have such a gift for writing. It's so wonderful to hear from you again, and so good to talk to you yesterday! How delightful about Katie loving music so much - that's always so good to see in children, especially when so young. You'll have to teach her one more song before the summer's end. Hope you're having other marvelous adventures you can later blog and enchant us with. :) I wish you pleasant afternoons.

Nathan said...

Hey Bek, don't you mean "condensation" was dripping down the smooth sides of the gallon jar of oh-so-glorious ice water that was resting on the ground adjacent to your table? Hee-hee. *I just had to. Sorry.

Joshua said...

Three disjointed thoughts:
- God's greatness is so evident in the beauty of the little things - childish singing, ice-water and sunsets.
- You sound very joyful, I am glad.
- To go with you and sing together...sounds like you have got to know Katie quite well.

Sara said...

Oh Beka,
It all sounds so sweet. I would have loved to hear Katie sing with you. I sounds like your having a wonderfull time.

Andrea said...
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CelloChic said...

Oh, I am SO glad you're enjoying yourself this much! That is such a sentimental treasure about Katie singing with you! I can imagine the acousitics of a SILO, if spiraling towers built for the monks to sing in had an enormous echo effect...a silo must be over powering!
It sounds like you thought more about what the 4th of July meant than most...more than myself that night. *hangs head* I've never been very patriotic, I don't even know the words to our national anthem. If you'd ask me to sing the Canadian naitonal anthem I learned at GEMS...

sarah said...

Beka, I wonder when you will read this comment since it is not on your most recent blog. . .

Anyway, Ben and I brought the kids Upstate again for Labor Day weekend. Yesterday Katie and Andrew disappeared for a while - guess where I found them? Katie was teaching Andrew to sing up the silo. "All people that on earth do dwell, sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. . ." was her song of choice.

Rebekah said...

Oh Sarah...(smiles...sighs).

I can see it. Katie, her little independant, elder sisterly spirit peeking out for view. Her little head poking into the cool vastness of the silo. And singing. "All people that on ear dooo dwell, sing to the Lord wi cherrrfuuull voice..."

Thank you for sharing--you made my day. I miss you all so very much! Kiss everybody for me okay? Hugs!