Thursday, July 21, 2005

New York Chronicle: Issue III

Burnt and festering!

Have you ever seen what the sun can do to two fair, freckled, women? Particularly when those same two women are not particularly conscientious in their use of the sunscreen bottle. Ach! Will not I ever learn? Must I always remain so foolish a mortal?

Tuesday, 19 July, 2005. The fatal day of our destruction. We went to Jones Beach, on the south shore of Long Island. One of the best stretches of sand in the United States so I'm told. We spent a good portion of the day there, during the hottest hours naturally. I spent my time alternately rolling with the mighty waves, and attempting to build sand castles. Periodically, after having been beaten by a few too many breakers I retreated to the sand and the sanction of our very own umbrella. But, oh woe to me! I had not the wisdom to retire to the shade of that mercifully large essential. Instead I delighted in casting myself down onto a towel and giving the sun its due amount of attention.

Kristi, I repent in dust and ashes. Pray forgive my ere in judgment. I really should have listened to you. I utterly and completely admit that I was in the wrong.

And now is the part where I give you full leave to laugh at my expense. I only took the trouble to apply sunscreen to a few vitally important areas of my extremely Caucasian body:

-A smattering on the backs of my knees.
-A blob on the end of my precious nose.
-Just a pat on as much of my back as I could reach.

And that was all.

And now I am in anguish. Utter, hair-raising, extreme, agonizing, anguish. Or so I was yesterday and the day before. Its beginning to heal at last I do believe. My poor sister had an itching fit in her back today that sent her into spasms. Even little Katie, whom we dutifully slathered with SPF 45 did not completely escape some redness.

Now to make you (and I) feel better about the entire situation:

Perks to having a Sizzling Sunburn:
-Due to the fact that my entire face is the color of scarlet, there is no need for make-up except perhaps for a dab of mascara.
-I can already recognize the distinct signs of a deep tan starting beneath the dominating boiled lobster look.
-I now have every right to moan or groan or be a complete weeny if I wish. (Note: this is not intended to intimate that I am in any way succombing to the temptation.)
-I have virtually been living in my swimsuit for the past three days and will no doubt continue to do so. I cannot abide contact on my poor abused skin.

But...I enjoyed the day! The soveriegnty of our God was so evident there as wave after wave swept over me, and as I rose with the ebb and flow, the constant crash and then the inevitable under tow continued. And continues still. Faced with such great power, such a feeling of helplessness. Such an awareness of God's majesty. He created it all. He sustains it all. And this is our God. The one who predestined His Son to die for our transgressions. That kind of love belongs to that kind of power. There is no beating that.

And I know God has a plan even for sunburn. If only I knew what it was...


Brandy said...

Oh my dear, I know exactly what you are going through. The first signs of red that make you think "uh-oh", then the itching that never, ever, stops and hurts to touch, then the awful peely scales:) I am burned, too. My family went to the waterslides on Tuesday, and I (being a dutiful blonde) actually remembered to put sunscreen on on the way there! But I never re-applied it after that :O - so now, after a day of adjusting my swimsuit after every ride, and thus removing any last vestiges of sunblock, I have some odd-looking burns on certain areas of my body:) It looks kinda funny. My nose and shoulders are starting to peel, and sadly, there is no sign of a tan - the curse of having fair skin:( But I have to say it's worth it since I had fun getting it.

anyway...:) Love you and can't wait to see you soon. Keep posting your wonderful have a gift for writing so descriptively, and it's always a joy to read and be reminded of God's mercies and His power through your posts.

XOXO ~*Brandywine

R.Marrakesh said...

You poor dear, I feel for you immensely:( I can't say that I sypathize with you as I have never been sunburnt in my life.Well maybe there was a miniscule tinge of pink to that golden brown.... once. Arn't I so wicked rubbing it in? Its turning into a tan? Let me see, how many times have I heard that before? lol
Anyways, sounds like you have been having a perfectly magnificent time. Did you do any body surfing in those waves?
Keep having fun!


CelloChic said...

Forgive me for laughing at you, b/c I am sorry you're in agony, but you described it so well. I haven't roasted in a while, but my mother keeps telling me that even though I lathered on sunscreen, the scar near my eye is becoming quite permanent. *hmf*
Aren't the waves just theraputic? It's so wonderful that you recognize God in all these things!

Gloria said...

Oh Beka I'm so so sooo sorry for you. Though I have never read of heard someone tell about being sunburnt in that way. Don't get me wrong I know how iching and peeling feels. For my hand has been swollen and red and ichy for the last three days. A rash on witch I will blame my braces for the cause of that. Anyway Enough complaining. Oh dear Ethan just spilled milk all over the table. So until next time...

Kristi said...

Oh Beka, I'm so terribly sorry! Your descriptions and words were so penitent that I can't bear to scold you anymore!
However....I think I know what I will be getting you for your birthday (or Christmas) ;)

Oh and I'm sure you will have a gorgeous tan when you come back...not that I'm encouraging you in your lack of suncreen...but your are truely suffering and need comfort at this time I think.
Use lots n' lots of aloe vera gel!
Prayers and love!

Joshua said...

A bit too much sunshine in your heart, eh Rebekah? Matthew always expected it would burn somebody someday...turned out to be you, pity.
Unlike Jenna, I do sympathize with you.
Like Kristi, I highly recommend aloe vera gel.

Andrea said...

Hey Beka,
I love hearing from you. It sounds like your having a perfectly wonderful time! I would write on my blog but it seems whenever I have anytime I am checking my e-mail and then responding to the e-mails I get about conference. Other than that all I seem to do is work work eat sleep. I can't wait till next week I get a couple days off b/c Angela's coming. Anyway sorry this is so long.

By the way I can totally totally sympathize with you. You know me and my red hair,fair skin, must I go on.... Ya I know how your feeling about you. But I do have to say this... be glad you aren't on vacation swimming everyday without much sunscreen. (you would think when I go on vacations I would learn to put sunscreen on after my first fry.) Any way I'll quit before this gets to long.


Andrea said...

by the way I've learned that if you can use an aelo vera plant and squeeze the jell on it works even better than the stuff from the stores!

Andrea said...

p.s. hope your burn is feeling better very soon.

tasha said...

Oh, POOR Bekah! I do feel for you, though I can't say I've been quite as burnt as it sounds like you are. I don't envy you. :)

Mark R said...

I doubt your next burn will feel as remember how burnt I was after the hike--and it didn't bother me--just be sure to not go hibernate in a cave by way of reaction. :)

(such sympathy I know...sigh)

Crystal said...

My dear Rebekah,
I hope you are feeling much better by now...might just have to start calling you Sabastiana (you know the little red crab from the little mermaid) if you don't learn from this little experience! LOL I am sure though that you will have a great tan when you come home and then we can all be jealous!

Anna said...

Oh no!! It's fading into a tan!! I'm the only one who is allowed to get a tan! Make sure most of it peels off - you hear me!!!

Just kidding! I do have a tan though. So we shall have to compare when you get back and see who's is darker. :)

BTW: You are making me green with envy to be there while I have to be here and work!! But I am going to an Alison Krauss concert coming up with Mark, Jackie and Brian. ;)

Gloria said...

I hope by now you are starting to feel better.
I hope you tan very nicly. since I don't seem to be doing a whole lot of tanning this summer. So tan for the both of us Okay!

gr@ce said...

Ouch...cant say I've ever gotten one that bad...(Olive Skin) I have a little bit of a tan considering I've been to THREE beach parties this week...(One being a CAST PARTY, btw) I do pity you though, my only sunburn right now is on my cheeks...

Bekah I. said...

Hey Bekah!Sounds like you're having a wonderful time in New York!Guess what??I'm finally going to California!!!We're going in three weeks (our whole fam.) and we're going to Disneyland!!I can't wait!Anyways, just wanted to say that I miss you're e-mails and we'll have to get-together sometime when we're both back!!Luv ya!

gr@ce said...

so since you had sunscreen on your nose, do you have a dot on your nose that isn't sunburnt?

Gloria said...

Rebekah if you are not to busy in NY. Please keep us posted in how you are doing. Sorry to be such a pain.

CelloChic said...

Yes, yes, we don't mean to be a pain, but...
What in the Grandma Tzeitel's name are you doing? Trapsing around Central Park in your pajamas w/a carmel machiato in hand whilst reciting poetry no doubt. Hodel, Hodel. I know that Lynden (a.k.a. "Anatevka") is not the morst thrilling place to live, but mountains and a clear stream will do you poetic side more good than sky scrapers and Little Italy.

Gloria said...

You said it just right CelloChic.

Hey Rebekah, I have a new riddle on my blog if you want to come and see if you can figure it out.